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Why We Give

Because we can and we should. We believe it’s our duty to help the underprivileged and to give back to the world from which we take so much. By meeting and empowering everyday heroes and the causes they support, we feed our deepest values and boost our motivation at work and in life.

Page Thirty commits to donating 10% of all sales to select organizations that share our values in social sustainability and human rights.


The Motley Cares Foundation is an organization that provides pro bono legal services to people around the world, primarily focused in communities where individuals have little to no awareness of their legal rights nor have access to legal representation. When not representing her corporate clients, founder Kimberley Motley travels to places like Afghanistan to win justice for such individuals, and in doing so has brought heightened international awareness to the plight of many women and children around the world. By succeeding in difficult legal cases as a foreign attorney, Ms. Motley strives to set a framework for other international attorneys to represent underprivileged clients pro bono.

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